“Why is This Chimp Crying?”

"Why is This Chimp Crying?"

As weird as this cover is, how it was explained to me makes it even weirder:

Back in the Golden and Silver ages of comics, certain things on the cover would seem to inexplicably give the title a boost in sales, the most well known example of this being the presence of gorillas all over the place.  Other, lesser known examples would include things like having a hero crying on the cover, having the hero on a motorcycle, having dinosaurs, and–perhaps most inexplicably–featuring purple babies.

Yes.  Purple babies.  Somehow I doubt any serious statistical analysis was performed on that one.

So anyway, this cover is pretty much an attempt to cram every apocryphal example of “sales boosters” into one cover.  Sans the purple babies thing.  Though there is a purple dinosaur, so I guess that’s half way there…