Ten Years Later, and Superman is Still a Dick (And I Guess I Am Too).

If you’re reading this, you’re probably noting that there have been a few changes around here.  Congratulations, your powers of observation are truly commendable.

But seriously, for years now the Superdickery website has lay fallow, a wasteland of poorly formatted tables, questionable ads, constant security breaches, and just an all around shitty user experience.  It was, in a word, abandoned.  A derelict fossil of a terrible website frozen in time.

And that’s all on me.  I take full responsibility.

When the whole “Superman is a Dick” meme blew up all those years ago, I was taken by surprise and I was incredibly ill-prepared to manage or leverage it to any degree. Not being a computer science major, I didn’t have much of a clue when it came to putting together and maintaining database-driven websites, and I floundered badly.  The resulting website was an abomination, but it was the best I could manage. The constant hackings and problems with ad servers combined with the pressure of updating with a dozen pictures at a time just burned me out. I didn’t find any of it funny anymore, and I wasn’t enjoying it.  So I walked away, and no one really seemed to notice or care.

But now I’m back, which probably is going to raise some questions as to why I’m even bothering and why anyone should care.  The abridged version is that after all this time, I find myself in need of a platform to put out some creative works.  So instead of building something from scratch, I decided to make a go at resurrecting Superdickery from its shallow grave. I’ll still be finding artwork and making snide commentary, of course, but it will no longer be a site solely dedicated to the task.

All the old content is still here. All preexisting links are dead, but I doubt that there were that many pointing back here in the first place.  If anything, the addition of tags and a functional search engine should make it easier than ever before to find what you’re looking for.

You’ll also notice that there’s a bunch of new content in the form of Questionable Fan Art Theater.  This is stuff I’ve been doing on Facebook for some years now, but now I’m relocating my efforts to the site and renewing my efforts with the comic stuff too. Consider Superdickery’s scope officially expanded. From this point going forward, content will probably be a roughly even mix of fan art, comics, blogging, and sundry other projects.  I’m not going to be putting up dozens of pictures each week, but the updates will start again.

Lastly, I’m going to attempt to get rid of most of the ads and see if I can’t build something sustainable without them.  They’re crass, they’re annoying, and I’m 90% certain that everyone reading this has some sort of ad blocking extension in their browser.  Still, this shit isn’t free for me to run–even while the site was in cold storage, it was regularly cresting a million page views a month–so I’ll be turning to some alternative means of generating revenue for this enterprise.  I’m not looking to get rich off this, but just breaking even would be a damned good start start.  Going ad free is a long term goal, but in the mean time I’m shooting to be more selective and have something far less intrusive.

Here’s to hoping the next ten years are a whole hell of a lot better than the last ten.