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  • Dental Plan

    I have a friend on my AIM buddy list that I end up chatting to most every night. We usually only talk about two things: The Simpsons, and… Um… OK, guess it’s just that one thing. I guess it’s just lucky that the Simpsons have such a prolific body of work, because otherwise we’d run out of things to talk about in an awful hurry.

    Anyway, so last month we were having a discussion on who we each thought the most underused bit character in the Simpsons was. For him, he thought it was Nelson’s dad. You may remember his only legitimate appearance in the episode where Homer becomes a boxer. After that, his appearance changed and he only showed up when Nelson was hallucinating or something.

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  • The Case of the Refrigerated Voyeur

    I got my first apartment the summer before my junior year at UCSB. I dilly-dallied, delayed, and put off finding a place to live for quite a while, until it got to the point that my only hope was to answer some ads in the newspaper looking for roommates. I’m a pretty easy to get along with kind of guy, so I took my chances and ended up signing a lease for a place to be shared with three other people, although only two of us were going to be living there that summer, and one of them I’d never met.

    So yeah, it’s two guys and two girls in one two bedroom apartment. Hilarity ensues.

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  • Penguins

    When I was a kid, my favorite place to go was Sea World. I was wild about marine biology right up through most of college, but then there was this one biochemistry class that I couldn’t pass to save my life (and I’d barely hung on to the curve for the previous chemistry classes leading up to it), so I had to change my major to zoology.

    Which is just as well, because going to UCSB with a zoology major places a heavy emphasis on marine animals since the campus is right on the coast. We even have an “aquarium” of sorts, although really it’s more like a shed with tanks of water in it for holding specimens for lab classes. I used to love to hang out in there between periods, they had these lobsters that were like 80 years old and nearly the length of my arm.

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  • Batman: The Musical

    You know what I hate? Musicals. I just can’t stand them, honestly. Well, I liked Little Shop of Horrors and Moulin Rouge, but that was it. Everything else just bores the ever living snot out of me… I mean c’mon, we’re supposed to believe that a song and dance number can spontaneously break out where everyone knows the words and choreography? Puh-leeze.

    You know what Crystal likes? Musicals. She loves them, honestly. So when we have to decide between “Do we see a musical because Crystal wants to see it,” and “Do we not see a musical because Mike would rather take a pencil, jab it in his eyes, and spend the next six weeks in a hospital trying not to move and wondering what he’d look like in a jaunty eye patch than see a musical,” which choice do we pick?

    We see the musical. Because otherwise I wouldn’t get to have sex for six weeks.

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  • Crisis in My Bladder

    Fun fact: Last week the space-time continuum was in danger of collapsing. Of course none of you actually remember this happening, that’s something only myself and a select cadre of super-powered heroes who were present at the center of the nexus of the disturbance retained the ability to recall. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but let’s just say it was a climatic three-issue crossover event where the total destruction of the universe was prevented and space-time set back on its proper course with a gasket and a length of rubber hose.

    But ironically enough, Batman wasn’t there for that.  So that’s really not a story for this time.

    However, during the run up to the impending collapse of the space-time continuum, there was this little problem with alternate dimension and timelines crossing over into our reality. Let me tell you, it got to be quite a hassle. Every time you opened a door and stepped through without looking to make sure that your own universe was in fact on the other side, you’d find yourself in some alternate version of reality.

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