• One Hell of a Consolation Prize.

    “Sorry, your powers aren’t up to our standards. To make it up to you, we’re giving you the power of flight.

    Christ, where do I sign up for tryouts? I have the power to… see the visible light spectrum.


    That’ll do it.

  • Batmetal Forever

    I like Galaktikon/Galaktikon II, Dethklock, and Batman, so theoretically throwing all those into the blender should be awesome.

    People constantly send me the first two Batmetal videos like I haven’t seen them before, and I dig them. I dig this one too, but man, that voice work in the narrative parts is rooooooooough. If there’s a Batmetal and Robin, at least spring for a proofreader. Shit, I’ll do it for free on a lunch break.

  • “It’s Hard Work–But I Will Learn!”

    But what is it you will learn that is such hard–

    You know what, nevermind. I’m sure I don’t want to know.

  • Careful, Those Things Are Pointy.

    How does he even walk through doorways with those ears?

  • “Flea Bargaining.”

    I call shenanigans. It is explicitly a flea-market-eating flea, you should not be able to bait it with Twinkies.

    Unless of course Twinkies are somehow made from ground up flea markets.

    Which is not entirely outside the realm of possibility…