Infinity War Memestravaganza.

Yeeeeeaaaaaah, there’s probably gonna be spoilers.

Yeah, there’s definitely spoilers. Shit, you can find them just lying around for anyone to find on Amazon.

I also hate it when merchandise tie-ins like video games spoil the fuck out of everything.

Okay, this is a bit inside baseball unless you’re in the section of overlap in the Venn diagram of people who’ve seen Infinity War and people who follow the fighting game scene, but this fucking slayed me.

Because it’s true. And it hurts.

Too soon?

“Wait, if we get the gauntlet off we can use it to bring back Gamo–”


Man, Canada was my favorite Avenger too.

Thor was a contender for MVP. Star Lord literally fucked things up for half the universe.

So… get bent Star Lord, I guess?

Technically I think that means half his mustache would remain behind.

Yup. That’s him.

Probably my favorite application of 60’s cartoon Spider-Man I’ve yet seen.

Actually, that’s a really good point…