Mike Miksch is a writer, a full-time scienctician, a part-time photographer, a questionable father, and the occasional inventor of new words.  He resides in Washington state with his wife, daughter, garage full of robot toys, and entirely too many cats.  You can ignore him on Twitter at @MikeMiksch or visit his author page.

Dickery: noun \ˈdi-k(ə-)rē\
The state of being a dick

Superdickery is a website that was created to support the central thesis that the character of Superman is, in fact, a dick.  Its scope has expanded over the years, and is now a site devoted to the cataloging and displaying of bizarre and amusing images throughout the history of comic books, fan artwork of questionable content, and the barely intelligible thoughts of its author.  Like it on Facebook at www.facebook.com/OfficialSuperdickery.