• Why. Why? Why Why Why Why Why.

    So for context, these are the guns of a Daredevil villain named Tenfingers. His nefarious superpower is that he has ten fingers on each hand. So he needs guns with nine triggers?

    Fucking what?

    It’s not like normal guns have four triggers. Look! You have normal guns right in the frame for reference! How does nine triggers even fucking work on a single-barrel gun?

  • Captain Enviro.

    Oh my Christ, what the fuck is wrong with your leg, man?

    What the fuck is wrong with your leg?

  • No! Locked Doors, My One Weakness!

    To be fair, he has the proportional speed and strength of a particularly frail spider.

  • I Don’t Even Want to Know, But I Must.

    I just want to be sure I understand the events that are purported to be happening on this page: A fetus manages to detach its placenta and eject itself from the uterus of its mother, get past the scrubs and undergarments of the surgeon, force its way past her undilated cervix, and reattach the placenta in her uterus.

    And all of this, all of this while maintaining the structure and integrity of the amniotic sac.

    Sounds legit.

  • “Has Absolutely No Genitals Whatsoever!”

    “Mommy was a slut-lizard who did bad things with suggestively-shaped piles of nuclear waste.”

    That is Pulitzer-winning caliber prose right there. No wonder someone got paid actual, real money that an be exchanged for goods and services to write it.